NCIP conducted Mid-year National Management Conference at Hive Hotel and Convention Place

The National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP) is shifting towards new horizon in terms of management, operation, and dynamics on how the NCIP will do its business, Chairperson Allen A. Capuyan stated in his Opening Message at the 2-day 2019 NCIP National Management Conference 2 (NMC 2): Mid-year Performance Evaluation and Planning. He said, “ First and foremost we have to engage all issues and concerns. How can we find solutions if we do not engage them ”. Everyone has a role to play to be able to contribute to help in bring bring peade and development in the ancestral domains. Chairperson Capuyan shared his guidance on Management Leadership as follows: 1) Let us do a complete staff work 2) Let us be a team player and problem solver 3) Let us submit to one another 4) Let us be servant leader 5) Let us not be fault finder but a solution seeker 6) Let be accountable to each other not conscious of ranks but conscious of responsibilities 7) We do things as unto the Lord for His glory and not to please men 8) We must be disciplined on Time Management 9) Always consider your day in office, as if it is your last day.

Below is the Chairperson ’ s summary of directives to the Bureau Directors and Regional Directors in the entire two (2) day NMC 2, viz:

  1. Provide, Identify and specify the details on the project proposals for the preparation of Budget Proposal;
  2. Submission of the cases and “ backlogs “ pending with the Regional Hearing Offices (RHOs);
  3. Submission number of approved CADTs with formulated ADSDPPs, approved CADTs without ADSDPPs;
  4. FPIC process presentation indicating the timeline days and action to be taken for every stages;
  5. Took photos of IPs representing every tribe in the country to serve as reference materials for Coffee Table Book;
  6. Prepare the list of different government offices/agencies and international organizations helping NCIP;
  7. Make NCIP social media accounts and to make official website more interactive, engaging, interesting and informative;
  8. Creation of NCIP social media committee;
  9. All Bureau and Regional Directors to submit a one-page report to the Chairperson every Tuesdays and Thursdays before 5 PM;
  10. For LAO and ADO to prepare an agenda for the Commission En Banc regarding joint documentation of IPs and CADTs/ADSDPP);
  11. Creation of Technical Working Group that will coordinate with Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) for the creation of Cooperatives in the Ancestral Domains;
  12. Creation an e-mail account for every Ancestral Domain;

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